The Beauty of Gin

Over the past year I've been becoming a much bigger fan of gin. The revival of hard alcohols in general have created a market for more gins and it's become a very good thing.

Over at Days That End in "Y," the blog that seems to find EVERY single interesting post about alcohol, Mike discovered a post from Forbes that goes in to the stylings of gin and even pushes out 20 great martini recipes. Well, there are 20 recipes, I consider about 12 of them as "great."

Interesting that Forbes is publishing this as well. Clearly their readers need to drown out the cries of the recently unemployed from the companies they've run, so they give them a fresh line of things to drink.

Best quote from the article:
By 1727, England was consuming 5 million gallons of gin per year--a pretty astounding figure for a population of only 6 million.
There are some GREAT gins out there and they taste good WITHOUT you having to put some flavored vodka in it. Try them out.

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via Days That End In "Y"

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Mike said…
Part of the problem with my skimming so many articles is that I missed that statistic. Holy crap! That's a lot of gin! I definitely don't go through that much myself. However, I'm on my third 750mL bottle of gin in two years...
Matt Armendariz said…
I just tasted Hendrick's for the first time about an hour ago. I do believe I've forgotten all about the beauty of gin. Time to drink up!


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