Cocktail Vibe

The folks over at Liquor Snob came across the Holy Grail of cocktail furnishings websites.

Cocktail Vibe has a ton of classic and contemporary glass designs for all your drinking moods. From the polka dot martini glasses (shown) to full cordial sets.

They've even set up a list of drink recipes that compliment the stylings and colors of the glasses.

Cocktail Vibe - []
via Liquor Snob


Anonymous said…
Nice glassware; but, awful cocktail recipes in the Drinkology section.

I don't think things like the "60's Marakesh" are even remotely drinkable:

3 ounces rose water extract, 1 ounce orange liqeur, 2 ounces champagne

Let me repeat that, "3 ounces of rose water extract"!
Anonymous said…
Amazing glasses ... what a find!
ronsta said…
just got my urban martinis from them. customer service & shipping were excellent!
Anonymous said…
I love this site. We had a martini party with glassware only from this company and all of our guests got online and ordered. The Dot and Confetti glasses are the best!

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