Napa Charity Auction goes online

Napa's Annual Charity Auction has been the talk of the town for several years. In it's history it has not only auctioned off rare wines and collector's items, but also things like a walk-on role for Desperate Housewives, limited edition cars, cruises, and many other great things.

This year, Ryan Seacrest will MC the auction that will include things like a limited edition Corvette Z06 complete with driving school lessons, a hybrid van, and an auction of 107 lots of wine. There will be an online component with 162 lots. So you don't have to be there to get a great wine and give to a good cause.

Last year, the $10+ million earned from the auction helped launch a program for kids under 18 to get health insurance from low and middle class families, the largest private undertaking of it's kind. This year they hope to break the record and be able to expand the program even further plus continue to support the charities that they have been for the past 25 years.

The auction starts this Saturday but the festivities start tonight and tomorrow with viewings and plenty of tastings and parties.

Napa Valley Vintners gear up for 26th annual charity auction - []
Napa Valley Vintners - []


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