Site Review

Wow, do some websites ever suck. They take a great concept on a well trafficked network and proceeded absolutely nothing with it. I won't name any names, but they are Cheap and Fun and talk about wines.

With the sheer amount of great, cheap wines out there, I know content is not the issue. And thus you are removed from my RSS feeds.

Looking to read something that doesn't suck? Then check out the Budget Wine Babe. She's got a good site, updates regularly, and without all the anticipation of a mediocre post you get from other Cheap Fun Sites out there (I'm not going to name any names though).

And if it's reviews you want, then Red Wine Haiku is the spot. Lot's of wines, short reviews (17 syllables to be exact).

Budget Wine Babe - []
Red Wine Haiku - []


Jay Brewer said…
We've just put the site under new management. Expect betternes...
Unknown said…
I know! It's already better. Good to see it.

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