Zygo - Vodka that's good for you?

It seems that vodkas are doing their best to remove the Red Bull component from drink orders at clubs and bars. Why lose those extra dollars to another company when you can just offer a stiffer poor and more vodka volume?

Zygo vodka has the whole gambit of energy enhancers as well. Not just the usual Taurine and Guarana, which it has, but also Yerba Mate and D-Ribose. Yerba Mate is the source of my daily morning drink and not only has caffeinne in it, but also tons of enzymes that are very good for you. D-Ribose is a natural part of your RNA and key to adjusting your metabolism.

But, it's still vodka. So, how about ammending the article title to "Vodka that is better for you than other vodkas."

They've also jumped on the blog bandwagon except it looks like they're actually putting stuff in it and updating fairly regularly. So many companies try to use it as part of their marketing, then quickly abandon it. Keep up the good work guys.

Zygo Vodka - [fuelchange.com]
Zygo blog - [70proofregime.com]
via Liquor Snob

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