Mixology Monday Roundup - Shooters

Yesterday's Mixology Monday was everything it promised to be as we took shooters and promised to sex you in the sexy places that you like to have sex. Unless you're a snobby alcohol blogger, then you're going to sneer at it in disdain and mumble something under your breath about "frat parties" and "Chevy mechanics."

First, let's talk about our hero Paul over at Cocktail Chronicles, he created a shooter that he turned in to the mascot for his site. The Bone is something you'll come to love, and fear.

Kurt over at The Handy Snake waxes poetic about how immature shots are in general and prefers his drinks good enough to be sipped, he clearly needs a bar crawl.

Married with Dinner compared shots to homeless people walking along the street and yelling out "goats" with every 4th step. However, they found time to descend to us from upon high and gave us a shot classic, The B-52.

Bunnyhugs racked his brain for days on end, then came up with...Pink Gin. It's a good shot and for gin lovers like myself, the perfect taste.

Jimmy over at Jimmy's Cocktail Hour understands that something in a shot glass is a shooter, but doesn't have to be hucked back like a cloudy oyster. He offers up the super yummy El Vampiro Shooter which includes the even yummier Sangrita.

Erik over in the eGullet forums came out with a nice looking layered shot that looks perfect for getting things started on that weekend bender. Read more on the Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb. Check out those same forums for some other good shot ideas too.

More layered Golden Goodness over at My Bar, Your Bar as Matt brings us The Golden Shot, designed specifically to make you look rich, and hammered.

Darcy at Art of the Drink gives us discourse on the value (and dangers) of shots in general and teaches you how to turn alcohol in to sweet, gentle cold fusion energy. He also built a shot just for Mixology Monday that I'll be trying shortly. It's fun to watch the pro's.

Thanks to everyone for dropping some science on us! Married...with dinner hosts the next Mixology Monday on April 16 with the topic of champagne drinks, so get ready!


Glad to see you saw the humor in our post. :D


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