Mixology Monday for March

Oh, I know you wish you thought of this for YOUR blog. But you didn't. Now The Martini Lounge is going to be hosting Mixology Monday in March with the topic of "Shooters."

Actually, I didn't think of it either. Darcy over at The Art of the Drink did after I said I wanted to do "Joke Drinks." After I was told my idea sucked and that they'd rather drink 100 Cement Mixers rather than use it, he came up with this one and I acquiesced.

So Blogger, prepare thyself for the Ides of March. On March 12, a fiery bomb of shots will be lined up on the virtual bar for all to survey and lo, it will be good.


Anonymous said…
Actually it was five Cement Mixers and three Pickled Brains. But the "I'd rather drink 100 Cement Mixers" is saved for the day we do "Drinks with Sexual Names" on Mixology Monday.

Shooters is all inclusive, so if you have something that makes people gag or blow chunks, go ahead and write about it, I'm just going to skip the drink. I had enough of those in College.
Bourbon George said…
I will go for Snood Murdekin. The best shooter that money can buy.
Anonymous said…

I hate to ask a dumb question...

I know some drinks that are shooters.

B-52, Sex on the Beach...

But, I don't quite understand how the category is defined. What makes a drink a shooter vs. just a mixed drink?

Glass it is served in?
Rick D said…

A shot is really anything in a shot glass or a small glass that is pretty much one gulp. That's probably the easiest explanation. A Sex on the Beach is a large mixed drink, but an Oatmeal Cookie is a shot. As an example.

And remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people. ;)
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see all of the different shots. I think this category is going to appeal to a much larger audience than previous ones.

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