Briefcase for the Bartender

I envision myself walking with this briefcase full of bartending goodies whilst wearing a suit, a sharp pair of sunglasses, and blaring "I Go To Work" from Kool Moe Dee. Yeah, I'm smooth like that.

My own self-love aside, this briefcase has all the goodies you'd want to travel with, even the cool little pestle so you can make Grandpa's Old-Fashioned. All the items are packed in foam so your briefcase can be shaken, but not stirred.

Better yet, you can even use it as a real brief case! It has compartments for your cell phone, files, etc.

Once again, coolness is not cheap. This well stocked case will set you back $680.00 but will bring you a lifetime of joy. Especially when you bust it out in the marketing meeting.

Bar Briefcase by Carl Mertens
- $680 [Unica]


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