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Rick Presents Rick's Holiday Gift Guide With Opinions by Rick and Special Guest Blogger, Rick

I've been shopping for the last two days straight, checking out the bargains, surfing the web, and standing in lines so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  It's the kind of love I have for you, my occasional reader.

Over the last few days you've been inundated with newspaper inserts the size of Finnegan's Wake and just as confusing.    I'm here to help you break out of the recycling bin and focus on the important stuff:  Wine and cocktails.

Things here range from free to pricey, so it's sure to fit everyone's budget.  With gas on the decline, you can use those extra duckets for something cool to give (and those pectoral implants you've been wanting).

Chilled Shot Machine
Do you have a friend that drinks Jagermeister?  Well, then you know the importance of the Jager being as cold as possible in order to insure that they can taste it as little as possible.

If only there was some sort of machine that one could put any of their favorite shot drink in to and it woul…

Fill beer faster

I know what you're thinking:  "How do I get that delicious beer in that keg in to a cup faster, thus allowing me to fill my belly with it faster?"  It's my job to know these things.

The Trufill beverage dispenser is designed just for those moments, especially at a sporting event or concert, where you're waiting in the Longer-Than-Halftime line just to get your beer quota.  It can fill a beer in 10 seconds and reduces the dreaded foam by filling from the bottom up.  It works with soda too, but we don't really care about that, do we?

Rube Goldberg Cocktails

I'm all about Rube Goldberg devices in general because I love old cartoons more than just about anything on TV. 

Chugalug Drinks Factory is a series of interchangeable tubes (like the Internet) that allow your cocktail to flow through a 10 step process that you can use for your next party.  It mixes your drinks and then you open the tap in the bottom and you pop it in your glass.

Just look at the people in the picture!  They're having a blast.  That's hilarious!

Chugalug Drinks Factory - ~US$37

How to speak Tequila

Tequila Herradura sent me this e-mail and I thought I'd share it. I used to think that "speaking tequila" meant "Oh my God, I can't do another one. No really, I get really messed up on tequila, it makes me do crazy things. I can't. Well, ok, one more."

I edited out some of the marketing speak:

1. Speak to its origins

2. Choose wisely
If you think all tequilas are the same , you’re wrong. When ordering tequila at a bar, keep the following in mind:
-Stick to 100 percent blue agave tequila . Mexican law only requires that at least 51 percent of the sugars in tequila come from agave; so, many brands will complete their batch with other starches, diluting the authentic flavor of the drink. -Silver or Añejo? Depending on how long the tequila rests in wood barrels, it will develop a flavor and aroma profile that will evoke a unique sensorial experience. Ideal for margaritas and other cocktails, Silver (aged for 45 days) .  On the other hand, Añejo is aged fo…