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Whisky Connosr Launches

The nice thing about web developers is that, sooner or later, they're going to build a website based on their interests and make it pretty nice.

Jean-Luc ThiƩbaut did just that with Connosr, the social networking site for whisky lovers. Now, because whisky snobs are, well, snobs, having their own site to talk about the vagaries of pungency and mouthfeel will keep Them off the backs of the gin drinkers. One can only hope.

The site allows you to setup your own profile and then works in a lot of the same ways that the wine cataloging sites work. You can write notes on spirits you've tasted, put in ones you'd like to taste, see what your friends are saying about their experiences, and be called a "Rookie" by those that disagree with you.

Check it out via the Web or iPhone.


Yoga seems to be every bit as good as alcohol!

Looking to get the peace and comfort that only Yoga can give?  Well, head on over to your nearest watering hole and get the flexibility you've always wanted!

See more great moves here!

Review: Absolut Boston

Flavored vodkas are so hit or miss.  I've found very few to be mediocre in nature, most of them are completely awful or pretty tasty and unique.  Luckily, Absolut Boston falls in to the latter category.  Absolut Boston is a black tea and elderflower flavored vodka that shows a bit of tongue-in-cheek, unlike some of the other flavors in their city category.

On The Eyes
The bottle is pretty straightforward and looks like your regular Absolut bottle but has "Boston" on it.  Easy enough.

On The Nose
This is kind of crazy:  It looks like vodka but smells like black tea. There's absolutely no scent of the alcohol or elderflower in there and it's that same refreshing smell that you get when you take a whiff of a cold, sun-made, iced tea.  Every person trying it had a response of "It smells gooooood."  'Nuff said.

On The Tongue
Well, it tastes like black tea.  Unfortunately, there's almost no hint of elderflower in there.  I'm an elderflower lovin'…

Bartending School?

Bottom line:  Don't go to bartending school.

Why?  Well, Darcy over at Art of the Drink has some pretty good reasons and even got in to some back-and-forth with a PR Moron at National Bartending Schools.  Morgenthaler has some good reasons too (and a way to get a bartending job without that experience).  Joe Bartender went to a school and wrote about his experience (including a conversation with an instructor at a school who though the curriculum was crappy too).

I did attend National Bartending School and did get a very cool little bag with a cocktail shaker, a recipe book, a jigger, and a strainer in it for my troubles.  That's pretty much the only thing I came away with of any real use.

Do you doubt?  Go talk to the head bartender at your favorite bar (No, not at TGI Fridays) and see how they got in the business.  You'll be hard pressed to find someone who did it via bartending school and if they did, they'll be embarrassed to admit it because they know it was a was…