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Horny Goat Beer Gives Free Condoms

Of course, if you drink too much beer, you won't be needing this free gift from Horny Goat Brewery, the brewery that wants you to take your clothes off but still be responsible. 

Though I don't know that I'd rely too strongly on free condoms from a beer company with a goat for a mascot, they do make some clever conversation pieces when you drop your wallet and they fall out.

I would get them, but they don't come in XXL. 

Horny Goat Brewing Company Free Condoms!

Dabling in cocktails? Fine Living Network has you covered!

If you're looking to get started making cocktails or if you just want some new ideas, Fine Living's latest newsletter has all kinds of tips and tricks with new cocktails, old favorites, and even a must-have liquor list. 

If you're looking to start a drinking problem then this is the place to start! 

Fine Living Network Cocktail Special

Naked Scot Hangover Free Whisky

It's a whisky with the word "Scot" right in the name and even has a picture of Scotland on the bottle.  Of course, it's made in Scotland but by an Australian company. 

The company says that the whisky is free from pesticides and herbicides which, they also say, is part of why you can get some particularly nasty hangovers.  It's distilled on the Island of Mull then aged 3 years.  There seems to be some dispute as to whether it's a single malt or a blend, though. 

From my understanding, you get a hangover by drinking until you can't feel your face, but maybe the lack of pesticides will help that a bit and I'm all for that. 

Naked Scot Whisky

Leblon's Muddler and Kit Helps Launch Carnaval

You like free, don'tcha?  When free's not there, cheap will do, but you're always looking out for the free.

Leblon Cachaça is dishing out free muddlers for all who will have them (and also be willing to pay a couple of bucks for shipping).  You can't make a Caipirinha without a muddler and they want to make sure you have one.

Maybe you already have a muddler.  I'm not sayin' you do, but maybe you do.  Do you have a Carnaval Kit?  I did not think so.  Now be quiet.

This kit comes with:
20 Sparkling Green Masks
20 Bon fims
20 Carnaval Beads
20 Caipirinha Glowsticks
Leblon Napkins
Leblon Stirrers
Leblon Recipes
Leblon Muddler
Leblon Carnaval Music
Get this kit and an STD and it'll be just like you're in Rio! It's only US$36 delivered and let's face it, you've done worse things with your money.

Free Muddler That Costs 2 Dollars
Leblon Carnaval Kit - US$36 (Delivered)

Review: Veev Açai

Don't be fooled by my tough exterior and manly voice.  Or my well-rounded ass and formed biceps.  Don't even be fooled by my sexy walk that makes grown women feel like schoolgirls.  And don't let it slip by just because of my dazzling intellect or rapier wit.  Let none of these things stop you from believing for a second that I like what are considered "girly" flavors in drinks.

The Setup
I planned on having some friends over and trying Veev with them but, thanks to an unfortunate incident with a goat and several restraining orders, I quickly realized I had no friends.  I now have lots of stuffed animals and none of them were even interested.  All except one, shown here.  The name knitted on his adorable little jacket has been professionally blurred to protect his identity.  

The Tasting
Veev Açai is 60 proof which is a bit strong but it's not quite a liqueur either.  Drinkhacker called it a flavored vodka and I think I'm going to go with that.  Consideri…

Love Potion #9

This new sugar cane alcohol distilled product actually comes from South America, not Madame Rue.  OMG!  SONG REFERENCE!

The blend of 20 fruity fruits from the Tropical Zonal Region Place of the world includes stuff like mango, peach, chocolate, and vanilla and is set to launch this May.  The Talking Heads from their company say that it is very mixable and that it "tastes different every time."  It has also won the 2009 World Spirits Competition Platinum Meda, so, you know, they have that going for them.  

When I get samples to pour down my gullet I'll let you guys know how it is.  Will it be tasty or will I have to call a Witch Doctor?  OMFG!  OBSCURE-BUT-RELATED SONG REFERENCE!!!

Love Potion #9 - No Announced Price

The McNuggetini!

It has come to salvage your tastebuds and conquer your hunger!  Behold!  The McNuggetini!  The chicken nugget that drinks like a shake!

Just think!  A McNuggetini for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a sensible dinner!

Mix McDonald's chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka and pour into a barbecue sauce-rimmed martini glass topped off with a McNugget.  Sexy!  Cool!  Neat! 

Normally, McDonald's would keep this amazing recipe all to themselves, just like their vaunted Special Sauce.  Oh, we all know it's just Mayo and Ketchup, but it's "Special!"  Lucky for us though that the whole recipe on how to make it is on the Internet Service!

Yes, The McNuggetini

Absolut's Grammy Commercial

I'm liking Absolut's new ad campaign a lot more than their old one.  Their latest shows what the world would be like if the currency was Acts of Kindness.  Pretty clever.  Check out the video:

Agavero Tequila Gets You Sex

Talk to any girl about tequila and 9 times out of 10 you'll hear "I can't do that stuff.  I do crazy things on that stuff."  Talk to a guy about tequila and 9 times out of 10 you'll hear, "Yeah, I like doing tequila with girls, they go nuts on it."

As if tequila wasn't already the cause of thousands of surprise pregnancies, Agavero Tequila is taking it to the next level and introducing a tequila that really pumps up the passion.  They make the tequila as one normally makes tequila then hand-blend the Damiana flower in to the stuff. The Damiana flower is well known (at least in PR circles that write press releases) to be one that induces passion and love in a person. 

Got someone who won't touch tequila?  Well Agavero is glad to help you get them horny as hell by providing a recipe for the Agavero Mango Chutney,  a nice topping to their brown butter seared scallops.  Oh, you're so smooth. 

Agavero Tequila - US$30

Belvedere IX Launches

Lotus, P.I.N.K., and the other energy vodkas out there have done pretty well.  So well, in fact, that they've attracted the attention of some of the big boys, including Belvedere.

Belvedere IX is set to launch and is looking to make you more awake and more drunk than those other ones. The vodka is 100 proof (most vodkas are usually 80) and distills in it's extra ingredients much like a gin. What extra ingredients? Well, there are nine, including: ginseng, guarana, acai, ginger, sweet almond, jasmine, eucalyptus, three cinnamon, and black cherry. All of which sounds very tasty.

Because it's Belvedere, you don't need to wait for it to come to your state or your part of the world. They're rolling it out as fast as possible and with as much fanfare as possible. They expect it to hit the clubs first, of course.

Belvedere IX