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Jack Colton gets you in the clubs

Jack Colton believes in himself. Enough said.

But to add even more to it, he chucked all of this riches in order to start up a site that talks about the Las Vegas nightclub scene. You'd think that with all the clubs in Vegas that this niche was already being served. You'd be so terribly wrong.

Most of the publications that cover nightlife in Vegas usually look like they just took some of the many press releases that the clubs send out and reprinted them in their magazines. There's very little actual information that helps you decide where to spend your hard-earned clubbing dollars and your extra-valuable clubbing time.

Lucky for the world, Jack Colton loves you. He takes the concept of the club, rubs them in interesting circles, and comes out on the other side with an actual opinion that can help you decide if that's where you want to go. He even publishes great little guides about things like VIP Hosts, how to get in to the VIP line, and how not to blow your whole …

Another Lychee Liqueur hits U.S. shores

Pernod-Ricard is bring another Lychee Liqueur in to the U.S. with it's Soho brand that has been doing pretty well overseas.

I reviewed another Lychee based drink shortly after 4th of July, but this one is a full-on liqueur that's designed to be mixed. The Lichido is a mixed spirit that is easily served by itself. 24 proof Soho is #2 in the French market and has been around since 1989. The current cocktail craze is what's making P.R. bring it to the U.S.

Pernod unveils Soho lychee liqueur - []

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Kendall Jackson buys Trump Vodka

The brand that can't seem to pay enough to get it's own website up and running is about to be distributed by one of the largest wine distributors in the world.

Kendall Jackson has agreed to distribute Trump Vodka to the U.S. in it's virgin attempt to move in to spirits marketing.

The vodka is considered "Super Premium" and already has orders for 40,000 cases throughout the U.S., which doesn't include any new orders that are about to come in.

I'd expect to start seeing this one in all the same places you see Grey Goose and Chopin. Too bad the name "Trump" gives me such a funky taste in my mouth that I'm sure vodka won't be able to wash it out.

Drinks Americas' Trump Super Premium Vodka to Be Distributed by Kendall Jackson - []
Trump Super Premium Vodka - []


Martini's at the pump

Iowa is the leading producer of ethanol at 1.6 billion gallons a year. How about we take some of that ethanol, essentially a grain alcohol, and turn it in to something with an olive?

That's the plan for MellO3z, an Iowa based company looking to remove the impurities in ethanlo to make it good to drink, or eat, or whatever else you can do with some good ethanol.

Maybe they should build a partnership with Vodkastick and make it easy?

Bottoms up with ethanol - []


2007 Designer Glass Competition

I've apparently been blogging for almost a year now, that's 75 to you and me. I announced the winner of the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition last April and it's already time to start up again to find the 2007 winner.

Winners are chosen by country and then all flown to Milan for the international competition. You also get a US$3000 gift certificate to Apple Stores. Since Apple really doesn't have much that most people want except for an iPod, that translates to 10.033444816053511705685618729097 iPods. Get 'em while they're hot!

The cool thing this year is that the general public will be doing the voting, rather than a bunch of snobby judges who have no idea of what design is just because they won some award for design and went to school for it for 10 years.

Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition - []

Jack Daniel's Tequila?

The company that makes Jack Daniels doesn't even have "Jack" in their name! Brown Forman, who also make the extremely mediocre Finlandia vodka, yet aren't Finnish either, have just purchased Grupo Industrial Herradura. They make the very popular (In Mexico) Herradura vodka which is smooth as all get out and El Jimador, which is...not so smooth.

Herradura has been around forever (100+ years) and is one of the largest tequila makers in Mexico. It's Mexico, that's saying a lot!

All of the startups and acquisitions is starting to remind me of .com!

Maker of Jack Daniel's plans move into tequila - []

This Week's Wine.Woot Vino Noceto

The Woot! Wines just keep getting better and better. This week's wine gives you US$100 worth of wine for a mere $59.99 (plus $5 shipping).

You get a bottle of Vino Noceto's regular Sangiovese, their Reserva Sangiovese, and two bottles of their Zinfandel. All of these are great wines to have with food, like a Jumbo Jack or Whopper. Or even something fancier, like Italian Food (You know, Olive Garden and stuff).

These all are pretty well-balanced and bring a lot of new flavors to your under-appreciated palate. The only caveat is the regular Sangiovese, don't let it breathe or it'll start tasting like you're licking lollipops.

Verdict: Get it

Vino Noceto Sangiovese and Zinfandel Trio + One - []


Van Gogh Mojito Mint Vodka

You would have thought that the first Mojito flavored drink out would have been a rum. Well, you thought wrong.

Van Gogh has launched it's Mojito flavored Vodka which is a little on the lighter side for a vodka at 70 proof, but has mint and citrus flavors to give you that on the beach of Belize feel.

Spirit Journal just gave it a 5 star rating and says that it is "so well-crafted that it squeaks with tightness." I have no idea what that means, but I'm sure it has something to do with vodka, and not sex, but vodka.

This does seem to take some of the fun out of making a Mojito though.

Van Gogh Mojito Mint Recipes - []

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The Drunkest City in America

It was a hard fought battle. Many cities tried and failed but only one could come out victorious.

In the end, only one city could be crowned "Drunkest City in America" and Milwaukee came away with it, face-down in the gutter and begging for someone to kill them from the pain. Milwaukee reported that 70% of their drinking-age population had an alcoholic drink in the last 30 days.

Runner's up include Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus, OH, and a surprisingly low 4th place showing by Boston. I expected more of them, they'll have to really push for first next year.

The only thing more surprising is that the stuffy Forbes magazine is the one who conducted the ratings. Maybe they wanted to make sure they knew which cities they could better look down upon with a glowering eye.

Congrats Milwaukee! I'd buy you a drink but I think you've had enough now. Stop crying about your ex and go home and sleep it off.

America's Drunkest Cities - []


FOUR Alcoholic Energy Drink Review

The guys over at Four sent me a 4 pack of their goods a few months ago, however it took me a while to get in to the space that Four would make a good fit to my drinking evening.

If you remember, I talked about Four some time back. It is a malt liquor energy drink that also has Guarana, Taurine, and caffienne, just like Red Bull.

Unlike Red Bull, it has 7% alcohol and our favorite ingredient from Absinthe, the almighty Wormwood. And no, not the one from The Screwtape Letters. The Wormwood that makes you do stuff, makes you want to sex up the nearest object (animate or inanimate), and makes you wonder what the hell it's all about.

This drink is clearly being marketed towards the more than willing college crowd though it makes a great case for being the drink of choice on any party night out in your favorite town (I'll take a case of it while I'm in Vegas, ah thank you).

The Look
This is a huge can of energy love. Plus, it has Tara (pictured here in a Martini-Lounge exclusive …

15 (Other) Uses for Vodka

Apparently, you can do more with vodka than just drink it. Go figure.

Maybe you need to get a band-aid off, or you want to kill a wasp, or maybe you had so much vodka the night before that you need to use some vodka to clean up the results.

It's the new Simple Green!

15 (Other) Uses for Vodka - []


Oldest Bartender in NYC turns 90

Hoy Wong, you can call him Mr. Hoy, has been working as a bartender in NYC for 58 years, making him the longest running, and oldest bartender in New York.

His clientelle included the likes of Marilyin Monroe, Danny Kaye, and Judy Garland (who always had a drink in her hand). He remembers serving up martini's for a buck and scotch for 75 cents. Recently, the Algonquin, where he's worked since 1979, threw him a party for his 90th birthday that included 350 friends, old and new.

He hasn't had a drink since a heart attack since 1982 and gets two naps a day in, then goes to a job he clearly loves.

Except for that no drinking thing, not a bad deal.

N.Y.'s Oldest Bartender Celebrates 90 - []


Imbibe Goes Blog

The venerable Imbibe magazine figured out that someone might be interested in them more than once every two months. Maybe they hired some Web 2.0 guy who imparted on them the importance to capture rss-capable networking and disintermediate authentic undefined.

Whatever it is, thank them for the fact that they now have a blog that updates more than once a month (so far). Hopefully this isn't another quickly abandoned marketing idea and they keep up the post frequency.

Imbibe Unfiltered - []
via The Spirit World


Hot-Dog Infused Vodka

Ready to make a Weenie-Tini? Soak some hot dogs in vodka for five weeks and mix with a dry vermouth and a little sauerkraut brine and you have a meaty vodka that is designed for the carnivore in you. You can use this drink to keep away those pesky vegetarians every time.

Andrew Fenton from eGullet came up with a few recipes for his homemade Weeniecello, including a "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" which puts dry mustard on the rim.

His next project? Velveeta-tini's.

The birth of weeniecello, hot dog infused vodka - []



Challenge: Could you take a bottle of Vodka of the Gods and turn it in to a bottle of Precis? Or at the very least, a bottle of Smirnoff?

The vodka stick aims to do just this. Though Brita water filters have been known to be used to turn bad vodka into decent vodka, the Vodkastick makes it easier, plus it has the word "Vodka" on it so it has to be pretty good, right? It doesn't say what is in the Vodkastick but it's pretty obvious that it's a charcoal filter.

Just in case the concept is difficult, it even comes with an instruction book. I'm skeptical, but let me know if you try it, I'll gladly post on it. If you're from Vodkastick, send me one dammit!

Vodkastick - Better Vodka Cheaper - US$24.95 - []
via Days That End In "Y"


Ten Great Wines under $10

Robert Parker is earning his keep over at his new column in BusinessWeek.

Despite the current controversy about the rating system (Can YOU tell the difference between an 89 and a 91?), these are all rated in the high 80's, which is nothing to turn your head at. All of them are under US$10 too, so you'll be sure to enjoy the checkout ticket too.

My recommend is the Bodega Borasao (pictured), a killer bottle to drink and bring over to the party for US$7.

Ten Great Wines Under $10 - []

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Gin and Tonic Sorbet

I should create some sort of RSS feed to parse out the data directly from The Spirit World and just have all of those posts show up here. Until that time though, you'll want to check out this yummy concoction, the Gin and Tonic Sorbet.

It all started when Martin Miller's Gin sent out recipes and now it's posted on The Spirit World. Let me know if you make it.

Gin and Tonic Sorbet - [The Spirit World]


RadCru puts out

RadCru put up something today that actually made me sit up and take notice.

No, they haven't started including cheesecake photo's of b-list actresses holding the wines they're selling like I previously demanded, they have an deal on a very good wine up on their site.

They have the Windsor Vineyards 2005 Sangiovese up for sale 10 days before it's actual release. For US$49.95 you can get 3 bottles of the stuff, for an extra $6 you can get it in a pretty wooden box. You know, for the kids.

The price is about $13 off what it would normally cost you at release for these 3 bottles, but getting them early and in a nice 3-pack is hard to beat. Windsor is better known for an amazing Sauvignon Blanc, but this Private Reserve Sangiovese is sure to please. The wine will ship after September 1, but with only 700 cases produced it will go pretty fast.

Windsor Vineyards 2005 Sangiovese, California, Private Reserve - US$49.95 - []

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The Tap Icer

I consider Ben from Consumerist a friend. Well, as much of a friend as you can be with a guy who you just randomly message on IM and he politely responds with statements that are clearly designed to shut you up. Yeah, we're tight like that.

He's got a home video of cocktail history from a piece of equipment he found at the old cabin he was staying at for a vacation. Somehow this thing was supposed to make it easier to break up ice, I think it'd be better used to smack someone upside the head for using something named "Tap Icer."

Tap Icer Demo - []


This week's Wine.Woot

This week's Woot is a Little Vineyards Sonoma Valley Trio. Trio means three. So, you get three bottles of wine, it's a wine trio.

You get a 2003 Zinfandel and Cabernet Savignon as well as bottle of their blend.

I had the Cabernet at a wine bar last year and it's a damned good one. The trio would normally cost you US$80 or so, so the price of US$49.99 plus $5 shipping is a good deal and you'll be glad you got these ones.

Verdict: Grab it.

Little Vineyards Sonoma Valley Trio - US$49.99 - []


Slushbucket Surprise

I think everyone has a recipe close to this one, or something they make when they're trying to make a huge vat of hooch for a party. Jungle Juice, Slushbucket, whatever you want to call it...

Here's a fine recipe for a "Citrus Surprise" thanks to professional drinker Michael Bauer.

The slushbucket cocktail - []


Tap that Cosmo!

Tapping a keg is soooo frat party. Once you're ready to move up in the world of tapping things, then you can get the UberTap.

The UberTap allows you to put 15 liters of your favorite beverage in to it's container and quickly and easily dispense via the 3 attached hoses. The foot pump allows for pressurization so you can make sure that alcohol flow is optimal.

It says it's "hands-free" but that doesn't make sense because you have to hold the little hose. It does make keg stands a lot more effective though.

UberTap Ultimate Cocktail Bottle - US$219.99 - []


Cucumber, Ginger and Sake Sangria & Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls

Seriously, if Brenda from The Spirit World wasn't a girl I'd force myself upon her just so I could have her babies. It is the only blog I've ever read that does not have one single, crappy post.

Today is no exception.

Cucumber, ginger, and Sake sangria with spring rolls and two kinds of dipping sauces? How does one even THINK of this stuff? She's on a different plane of existence than the rest of us and we're all just playing catch-up. Every post is her sending down a touch of her holiness in hopes that mere mortals might be able to grasp just an infitesimal piece of The Divine Light.

Okay, I'm sure you get it by now. Head on over to The Spirit World. Bookmark it, Digg it, add it to, whatever you have to do. Make it yours.

Cucumber, Ginger and Sake Sangria & Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls - []

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Skittles Vodka

Okay, so maybe you're the type of person who asks the bartender to put a splash of grenadine in your Zima so you can walk around with a pink beer. That's okay, everyone should get to drink what they want, regardless of how lame it looks. Go ahead, drink away! Dork.

How about a nice pink drink made from Skittles? Skittles vodka uses all the Skittles except for green and purple to make a fruity drink. You have to actually pull out the green and purple ones. If anyone asks why you have a bowl of green and purple Skittles, just tell them that you're saving the Skittles for "them" and then refuse to elaborate.

Skittles Vodka - []

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Dublin gets their own expensive cocktail

Dublin's Westin Hotel was feelling a little left out in the crowd of high-priced cocktails. In order to join all the other cool kids in the group they came out with 'The Minted.'

The vanilla and chocolate martini includes a vanilla infused vodka, a 200 year old cognac, and flakes of 23 karat gold in it. Not quite as expensive as some of the other ones out there at US$640, but pricey nonetheless.

It actually sounds like a yummy mix to have anyway, keep out the flakes, use a different cognac and you have yourself a great drink.

Dublin introduces $640 martini - []


Put your cellar anywhere

Who doesn't want to have a magnificent cellar in their house? Being able to go down and find the perfect wine for dinner, dust off the label, and pull the cork. Then you enjoy that '85 Cain Five.

Well, you can't have it.

Not everyone can have it but the Spiral Cellar allows some people to come that much closer. If you can dig a whole in the middle of your house, then you can have your own 1,000 bottle cellar.

The door handily pulls up out of the floor and gives you steps down in to the cellar. Though it seems some complaints are of it being rather cramped, it beats that wire wine rack you have sitting on top of your refrigerator.

Innovation like this doesn't come cheap though, you'll end up spending about US10,000 to get it up and running. And is that a high chair in the picture there? Yeah, that's safe.

Spiral Cellar - US$10,000 - []
via Vinography


Post Office sells vodka

Utopia has been found, and who would have thunk it, it's in Russia.

In most of the villages of Tatarstan, vodka is considered one of the major currencies. This became a problem recently when the government decided that any shop selling vodka had to go through heavy paperwork just to get a license to sell the stuff. Vodka was such a popular selling item and so important to their barter, most of the shops in the villages ended up having to close down.

The Post Office to the rescue.

In many of these small towns, the Post Office is the center for everything. The offices often have small stores in them that sell things that people in a small town might need, now they sell vodka as it was easier for them to get a licence than for the small shopowners, so now people head to Tatatarstan Pochtasi to get their mail, some eggs, and some extra currenty for the next day, vodka.

Tatarstan: Post Office Expands Into Vodka Business - []


Bottle Service Illegal in Chicago

Bottle service is one thing at most clubs that I love and hate. I love the idea of having a bottle of alcohol at my disposal with a waitress waiting to make my drink, plus the luxury of having a place to sit down rather than stand with the masses and hope that some hot girl will rub up against me by accident.

The part I hate is paying US$300 for a bottle of Stoli and a few limes and if I want a bottle of vodka that costs US$10 more, such as Grey Goose, the same table will cost me US$400.

It's a moot point in the land of Chicago. The state control board ruled bottle service illegal as it doesn't allow enough control over how much patrons drink. The argument from the clubs is that a single waitress can more closely monitor patrons rather than some yutz who's ordering from multiple bartenders.

Oh thank you Government for looking out for poor hapless people over 21 who clearly can't manage alcohol without you telling us what to do.

'Bottle service' illegal, state te…

Coke sells you beer

I have a theory.

Ever since Coca Cola had to stop putting the extact of the Coca plant in to their drinks, they've been pretty pissed and looking for a way to get back in to the highly lucrative market of "Things that mess with your head."

Down in Australia they're partnering with SAB Miller to start pimping beer in one of Miller's weekest markets.

Though I don't expect that Coke will be so magnanimous as to actually buy the world a Coke and sing a catchy theme song, I've no doubt that this is Coke testing the waters before they decide to bring a product of their own to market.

Coca-Cola Amatil to distribute beer in Australia - []


Whatever happened to gallantry?

Fun beer commercial.

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This week's Wine.Woot!

Four bottles of popular Merryvale brand are the subject of this week's fine Woot! You get a Merlot, a Chardonnay, a Syrah, and a Savignon Blank. Most experts seem to agree that you have a few years to wait on these wines (Except for the Savignon Blanc, DRINK IT NOW!) so you can throw them in your vast cellar ( I know you have one) and enjoy them when your 5 year old kid 8 or 9.

At $79.99 a perfectly good deal ($132 or so retail). However, these wines aren't exactly rare nor are they going to change your mind about anything. Including how you feel about goats.

Merryvale Napa Valley Medley - $79.99 - []


Champagne Cork Catcher

I'll admit it. I used to be afraid of it.

When I was a bartender working a wedding, there was always champagne to open. Sometimes, you had to open THE champagne. The good bottle that the bride and groom drank out of. Not the Korbel the rest of the guests got.

That's when the fear would set in.

What if I was *that* guy? The one that opened the champagne bottle and sent the cork flying across the room and straight in to the eye of the bride, causing her to scream in pain and send elbows flying, one of which that would hit the groom. Then there'd they be, the bride and groom sporting two hideous black eyes for the rest of what was supposed to be their perfect day.

It could happen.

Well, the cork catcher stops all that. Just pop that baby open and the cork is stopped. Dead in its tracks.

Or use a towel.

Cork Catcher - []


The Beertable

My son's activity table is balls deep when it comes to organization. It has a place for everything that you can think of. Crayons, markers, paintbrushes, Play-Doh, and construction paper all get put in neat little compartments.

I have to imagine that the designer of the beer table looked at something like that table and thought the same thoughts as I did. "What if they had something like this for adults? A place to put beers and not let them get knocked over?"

We know beers get knocked over. This table is solving one of society's great problems.

Okay, I'd probably never buy one. But at least someone out there is trying.

beer+table=beertable - []

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Weber Chill Roll Bar Fridge

Your $2500 Weber Grill sitting out on the back porch needs a friend. Seriously. It sent me a little note and told me how lonely it was. It also said that you need to actually scrub the grill and stop putting it off and telling everyone that it's "seasoning."

The Weber Portable Chill Refrigerator would look perfect right alongside it. It has two mohogany side tables and has a lift-off top so the cool stays down and the hot stays out.

This thing can hold 72 beer cans, 48 beer bottles, or 36 wine bottles. It has options for a wire caddy (shown) and for wire baskets that push the beverages towards the top. It also has wheels so moving it around between indoors and out is no problem.

Weber Portable Chill Refrigerator - []


10 Most Expensive Wines

Say what you want about the fall of the French wine industry and how they're failing to compete on a global level, they've still proven themselves to be able to come out with some knockout wines that keep them at the forefront of world competition. came out with a list of the 10 most expensive wines, all French, all available. These aren't the single bottles that you purchase at Christy's, but all wines that you can actually get. Well, if you try hard enough.

Ranging from US$287 to just under US$1500, they encompass garage wines as well as some old standards. Now, keep in mind that no one has said that these are better wines because of their price, but they have their price going for them on this top 10 list.

Top 10: Most Expensive Lines - []
via Cheap Fun Wines

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Smirnoff Tea Partay

There's no school like the Ivy League School. Smirnoff is pimping their teas with some hard New England Gangsters.

Tea in the parlor makes the ladies holler.

Smirnoff Tea Partay Music Video - []


Open a beer bottle with anything

No, this man is NOT using the phone book to find a pizza to go with his beer.

Liquor Snob found a video of a few hundred ways (It says 1,000 but they opened up a lot of beers and must have drank them and, therefore, can't count right now) to open up a beer bottle.

I'm also listening to "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" in honor of the caps that are being tossed aside like some ex-boyfriend who only wanted to snuggle but you wanted someone else who was more "exciting" which really just translates "more drama," ultimately knowing that he'll break your heart and you'll come back to me and tell me all about it and then explain how we're such great "friends."

via Liquor Snob


Women with Wine

Frequent commenter Mike from "Days That End In 'Y'" may have earned his blogging stripes with this post.

Women with wine is a fairly new blog of (mostly) hot girls holding wine. Along with raindrops on roses, these are a few of my favorite things.

The only thing they need is some MajikWidget in order to easily rate posts, then it may very well be the most perfect blog on the planet OR THAT EVER EXISTED!

Women with Wine - []
via Days That End In 'Y'

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Dont' Break The Bottle

Tired of bringing a great bottle of wine to someone's house wrapped in some cheap bag you got at 7-11?

Don't Break the Bottle is a nice little contraption to add some life to the gift. It goes over the cork and doesn't allow access to the bottle until the puzzle is solved, bringing joy to the entire party.

You may want to make sure there's a really good bottle inside of it to be confident that they'll make the extra effort required to open it up, assuming other bottles have been drunk and frustration sets in.

Don't Break the Bottle: sobering parties everywhere - US$38 - [Sci Fi Tech]

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Jacques Cardin Cognac

Now that the VSOP Cognacs have had enough time to age properly since the hard liquor boom started, we're going to see more and more of them start to hit the market.

Jacques Cardin Cognac has launched three new VSOP Cognacs with an eye to take over the market. They have 3 flavors including traditional, Jasmin, and Apple. The nice thing about the Apple is that they don't use apple flavoring, they use wines that have pear, apricot, and apple aromas to make it.

Available in the next few weeks.

JC Cognac - US$30 - [Sydney Frank Importing]


Still enough summer left for watermelon!

Texans know how to enjoy their watermelon. When I lived in Texas for school, the farm I worked on used to plant watermelons all around the perimeter, so people would steal the watermelons rather than the pricier corn.

There were always plenty of watermelons left over though and we enjoyed them thoroughly.

Straight out of Texas comes some great watermelon recipes for drankin' and a grinnin'. It's amazing how much you can do with nature's tastiest laxative.

Watermelon no longer simply a slice of summer - []


Rioja City of Wine opens in September

My thoughts are constantly of Spain, it's the only place in the world that I love as much as my home state of California.

This September, the Rioja City of Wine is going to open up. The US$77 Million complex is 147 acres and has the 43 room Hotel Marqués De Riscal, a 5 star resort with a unique roof from the architect of the new Gugenheim. It has a Michelin rated chef that will teach food and wine pairing classes as well.

The resort also offers a a wine bar, full spa, and even "wine therapy." No, I don't know what that is. Don't bother me, I'm thinking of Rioja.

Hotel Marques De Riscal - []
via Slashfood

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When you order a Red Bull you get a Red Bull

Not a lot of legal precedent comes out of Iowa City, IA, but one has been set.

It turns out that when people were asking for a Vodka - Red Bull, they were actually getting a Vodka - Roaring Lion, a cheaper imitation of Red Bull. This, of course, pissed Red Bull off to no end. They have a Formula One team to support after all.

Red Bull took the Sports Column Bar to court and sued their asses for substituting the drink. From now on, they have to tell customers they're using an alternative energy drink. Here's how I imagine a typical Friday night scene to go down:

(Loud Music Blares)
Patron: I'd like a Vodka - Red Bull please!
Bartender: We don't serve Red Bull here, we use an alternative called "Roaring Lion"
Patron: What? Yeah! She does have nice tits! How much is it?
(End Scene)

Now, obvoiusly they took it to court so they would have precedent, but let that be a lesson to bars everywhere! Give me what I order!

Red Bull Beats Bar - []

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Havana Club Rum returns

Way back in the 30's, when Cuba wasn't being run by a guy with severe intestinal problems, Havana Club rum was the top-notch rum for everyone.

When Castro came to power in 1959, he took the plantation and the trademark and produced the rum for sale, but without the secret recipe for creating a rum that would make people want to drink rum.

Bacardi USA has found the family recipe and has started producing it under the original Havana Club name, ensuring market confusion for rum drinkers everywhere. Though the fact that the mojito is now the #1 rum drink, I'm sure few will be able to tell the difference with the strong mint flavors packing their punch.

The whole thing is now mired in legal battles but Bacardi has recently won the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office saying that the owner of the Cuban version, cubaexport, has no right to it. As for now, the rum is going to ship to Florida to start and then to the rest of the U.S. Why does Florida get all the good…

Costco and Wine Enthusiast

Costco has a pretty good wine selection most of the time, not every one is a winner, but for the most part they have wines that taste pretty good and are reasonably priced, they also have some of the more expensive wines at better prices than you can usually find elsewhere. Some stores are definitely better than others, I assume because some areas are just more prone to selling wine than others.

Though the sales charts don't always tell the whole story, US$728 million in wine sold in 2005 is nothing to turn your head and cough at.

Now Costco has teamed with Wine Enthusiast Magazine to bring ratings to the wines that they carry. Wine Enthusiast rates about 9,000 wines a year which is perfect for Costco as their stock is regularly changing. Now you'll be able to see what Wine Enthusiast thinks of that wine they're carrying that you haven't heard of.

Wine Enthusiast's ratings selected by Costco - []
via Fermentation

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Honeydew Mojitos with prosciutto wrapped mozerella

If there's one blog that gets it right, it's The Spirit World. The torture me with perfect cocktail pairings with stellar food. Sooooo tasty.

The cocktail is the Honeydew Mojito which Brenda discovered in The Seattle Times. The appetizer is Prosciutto wrapped Mozzerella which she discovered at a new restaurant. It

Honeydew Mojitos and Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella - [The Spirit World]

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Grey Goose Lamp

The awesome crew over at Liquor Snob may have found what may possibly be the worst piece of decor for any home or bar.

The Grey Goose Lamp is only superceded in awfulness by the Jose Cuervo lamp. The whole thing reminds me of the plastic leg in "Christmas Story" that dad just refused to give up.

According to though, it "makes a great gift."

Grey Goose Lamp - US$34.95 - []
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Camping and Cocktails

Just because you're out camping doesn't mean you have to be a damned caveman about it.

Hand cranked blenders, stainless steel margarita cups, and Resin wine glasses can bring some civil discourse back to the camp site.

Just because you're in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean you have to be a nobody. has the details.

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Moment of Silence

One of the nicest people I ever had the honor of meeting (Back in '91 with her son, Rich) died on August 4. Esther Snyder founded In-N-Out back in 1948 and created one off the best chains in America today.

They created a stellar business model that treated employees and customers with respect and produced a product that was fresh and without compromise.

Thanks for making the world a better place Esther and I hope you Rest In Peace.


Mako Vodka saves the reefs

Hey, nothing wrong with helping the world AND making a little money while you're at it.

Mako Vodka is doing just that by making a top-shelf vodka that's not over-priced because of import taxes. Not only that, every bottle has the name of a reef and the coordinates that you're helping. 10% of the proceeds goes to help that particular reef and it changes every 2500 bottles. Collect them all!

Jupiter entrepreneur cleaning up with vodka with a message - US$13.99-23.99 - []

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Mx Monday - Grapes

Well, I waited until the last minute of Monday (Pacific Time) to wait for all the entries for this Mixology Monday and I'm glad I did!

I was thinking of going through all of them and commenting on the post with a rating or something like "Here's a sucky post about Cognac" but then decided that would wear me out. I'm very fragile.
Over at "Interesting Thing of the Day" Joe talks about Coffee, Grapa, and FriendshipYay! Jimmy makes a Fog Cutter! Go Sherry!Okay, Grape Vodka isn't great by itself in my opinion. But Barbie2Be makes a Grape-tini that looks simply yummy. That's right, I said it. Yummy.Man it's hot. I sure could use a drink, something refreshing yet good for my urinary tract. Marleigh at Sloshed! comes through with Deep Purple Punch.Darcy, The Royalty of All That Is Alcohol at The Art of the Drink, brought out a zinger with the Broken Spur CocktailHaalo spends a little time telling us more about Brandy and mixing it with Frange…

Mixology Monday: Oh Sherry (hold on)

So, Steve Perry lyrics notwithstanding, Sherry is one of the great under-used grape products in the US. American Sherry's and "Cooking Sherry" have given the traditional Sherry a bad rap.

Real Sherry is a fortified wine made from a blend of three grapes, Palomino, Pedro Ximénez, and Muscat (Moscatel). It's then fortified with brandy and put in to a semi-porous barrel that allows enough air in to let a yeast called "flor" grow on top. It HAS to come from the province of Cadiz in Spain, otherwise it has to be labeled something like "California Sherry." Otherwise a cacophony of Spaniards will descend upon you and devour your soul.

Oh, remember Edgar Allen Poe's "Cask of Amontillado?" Yeah, that was Sherry. Dude died for Sherry. At one point Magellan even spent more money on Sherry than weapons when he set sail. It can be that good.

Traditional Sherry's have one of several designations depending on how they're aged, the type…