Grey Goose Cocktail: That'll be $950, Please

When does a mixture of Grey Goose orange vodka, Dom Perignon champagne, Pama pomegranate liqueur, Hypnotiq cognac, and orange juice cost $950? When there's a 1 carat, grade-A ruby sitting in it.

The Reserve nightclub in Chicago is serving this baby up for anyone who asks (so far, only 3 have). Keep in mind though, if you buy a girl *this* drink and she still doesn't talk to you, she definitely doesn't like you.

Want the drink without the ruby in it? It's still a cool $130 because they have to uncork the Dom (Yet you only get a splash).

Chicago Bar Serves up $950 Cocktail [Yahoo! News]
Reserve Nightclub and Lounge [Site]


SoW said…
my god that sounds good! (with or without the rock - it's the mix that sounds delicious!)

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