Making do with a decent Vodka

Sometimes we have to take some things that are merely "pretty" and make The Beautiful Life out of them.

Black Sea vodka is made in Talinn, Lithuana, is a 100% grain vodka, and sells for around $13.99, most commonly at Trader Joe's. This is an excellent, value vodka for drinks such as vodka-tonics or vodka and soda or most other drinks that require a "well" vodka. Not traditionally a martini vodka.

But here's where we make it Beautiful.

As a purveyor of The Beautiful Life you probably have (or need to get) Martini Bianco Vermouth and a Vermouth Sprayer. Take your Black Sea vodka, shake very well with plenty of ice, then pour. Spray on the Bianco and you have an excellent martini-in-a-pinch. Glorious.


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