New Vegas Club Makes Sure You Get Your Vodka.

The latest attempt at a mega club is the $20 Million dollar Seamless Night Club in Las Vegas. Off of The Strip and over by The Orlean's hotel it plans to be a strip club every night until 4am at which point it will roll over into an after hours ultra lounge. It's promoted by Brandon Roque who was the genius behind promoting Ra, Light, and Pure.

Here's where the vodka comes in: For $5k you can become a VIP member. You have your own parking, your own entrance, your own seating, and everytime you show up, you get a bottle of Level Vodka to enjoy with your group. No news on if this is a yearly fee (Like Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay) or if this is a lifetime membership.

The club opens December 17.

Seamless Club [site]
(702) 227-5200.
4740 S. Arville St., Las Vegas, NV [Map]


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