Party Tip: Use Tall Glasses

Well, rather than answer the really hard questions, some people spend their time and money trying to find answers to the easier ones.

A study in the latest British Medical Journal states that people pour 20-30% more alcohol into short glasses than they do in to tall ones that hold the same amount of liquid. They did a study with regular students as well as pro bartenders and pretty much got the same results In fact, pro bartenders averaged 20.5% more alcohol in to the short ones . So getting a drink in a short glass means that 2 drinks is actually equal to 2.5 drinks.

So, if you're going out drinking, order a mixed drink in a short glass (Might I recommend a vodka tonic?). If you're throwing a party, use tall ones.

Yes, The Martini Lounge is not above saving a few bucks on alcohol.

Short glasses more likely to lead to over-indulgence [EurekaAlert]


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