Using Vodka to finance Whiskey

A good article in the UK Sunday Times about Caroline Whitehead, owner of Blackwood Distillers (Company site). She found fresh new ground in an out-of-the-way place to create a new whiskey but knew that making good whisky takes a lot of time (She won't even be able to sell her new crop until 2009). To finance herself in the mean time, she created a vodka, a vodka cream, and a gin to sell immediately.

The vodka even has a cool label that changes color when chilled to the proper temperature. Hey, they're are a lot of vodka's out there, a little gimmick doesn't hurt. They also make a super yummy apertif named Jago.


Anonymous said…
You can buy all of these drinks, Shetland beer and more at, the only licensed on-line shop in Shetland, the islands where Blackwood Distillers are based. Keith

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