Chateau Mouton Rothschild Vertical Box Set

Finding a tasty wine that you can enjoy for under $30 is all well and good, but there are often reasons that a bottle that is much more expensive is worth it. Yeah, those inexpensive ones are "nice" or "good" but pull out a bottle of $100 Silver Oak or this Rotchshild and you realize what you're missing.

Costco is selling bottles of 3 vintages from the fabled Chateau Mouton Rothschild winery in the Bordeaux region of France for $869.99. Though you could drink them right away and get every pennies worth of value from them, you'll be well off to let them sit for a while, depending on their storage conditions and such. You may want to talk to your local wine shop about the best time to open.

One of the bottles breaks away from the paper label tradition and has a gold-etched ram on it, making it that much more of a collectors item.

They can only ship to California, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon and West Virginia addresses but you can usually work out a shipment with your local Costco to pick it up there.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild Vertical Box Set []


But why can't Costco tell you when to drink it if they sold the wine? Do you think a wine shop owner is going to help a customer when they just bought $900 worth of wine at a competitor? "Say, I just dropped $900 at some other wine store, can you tell me when is the optimum time to drink these wines?" Say, why don't you ask the minimum-wage check-out clerk at Costco if the 2000 will drink better than the 2001 in 5 years!

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