The guys over at Four were nice enough to send us a picture of this extremely hot girl drinking their beverage. If there's a better way of getting us to post on your product than an extremely hot girl holding it in their hand, then I don't know of it. Well, maybe if they sent the hot girl to us to deliver the product. Yeah, that would be better.

Four is the latest caffienated, malt-based beverage to hit the market. It has all the usual energy ingredients in it like Guarana, Taurine, and caffiene, but it also has a little extra kick.

The final ingredient is Wormwood. That's right, the main ingredient in everyone's favorite green fairy, Absinthe. Though I have high expectations of Four not making anyone go blind or driving them insane like the Absinthe of old could. There's just not a market for drinks that do that anymore.

However, this is a market for drinks that get you drunk, keep you awake, and increase your sex drive.

Four also comes in a hefty 16oz can and costs a mere $1.99. This makes it much cheaper than having to get the opposite sex "in the mood" with ridiculous things like a "fancy dinner" or "theatre tickets."

Available in Ohio right now. Everywhere by the end of 2006.

Four Energy Drink


Anonymous said…
Has anyone tried this? What does the body buzz feel like?
Anonymous said…
where is this stuff available?
Anonymous said…
I know it's avaible in Ohio. I heard Chicago as well
Anonymous said…
Four is the best energy-alcoholic beverage out on the market right now. I'm in Youngstown, Ohio and everyone who is anyone is jumping on the "Four-Train."

BRO ; )
Anonymous said…
Someone said it is not being exported to amsterdam?
jj said…
Haaa haaa... Next time Dave finishes a microbrew, I'll come up to SF in a low cut top so we can get it in your blog. ;-)

Jokes aside... wormwood? No thanks. I've had absinthe and it tastes like hell and left me crying for no reason in the middle of someone's kitchen floor. Nothing gets me in the mood like the taste of moldy black liquorice. I'll take my energy drinks without the green devil, thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
As an experienced energy drink consumer, I can tell you that the effects of consuming Four are definately not placebo. Thujone levels being within acceptable limits or not, this stuff definately left me in an altered state, granted it wasn't anything overpowering. Hoenstly, it felt more like a head-centric buzz than a body buzz, but I have to hand it to them for going out on a limb and providing an actual competitor to everyones favorite (or much loathed) energy beer; Sparks. This stuff is surely winding back up on my shopping list for a late-night weekend boredom cure.

As an aside, the aphrodisiac qualities were noted before I read anything about the stuff....

All in all very refreshing for a product you can legally buy in public. :::evil grin:::

Anonymous said…
the buzz is awesome. It is everything as described. there isn't much to do here im Minn. in the winter, so having a "fun" drink is where its at. It tastes like a lite berry pop and has no aftertaste like chemicals. Very mixable.
Anonymous said…
It tastes like Kool-Aid got into a fight with Crayola.

The reason the ingredient is called "wormwood extract" is because it contains no thujone. The buzz is from the combination of alcohol and other stimulants.

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