Organize your wine with bar codes

Okay, not everyone has a "wine collection." For the longest time mine only consisted of a small rack of wines that I knew I would be drinking in the next week or, at most, a few months.

For those of you that have more significant collections though keeping track isn't always easy. I've had a few friends who found a bottle that they knew they should have opened a few years ago finally see it in their rack and remember why they put it there.

Intelliscanner has solved this problem with a complete wine collection solution that includes a scanner and tracking software.

You can scan your bottle's bar code and it then will match wines in their 62,000 wine database, so you only have to scan it, download the scan to your computer, and the software connects to the Internet to auto-fill in all the information in the software. Very easy.

The scanner has two options, tethered or untethered with a 500 scan memory (via Bluetooth). The tethered system sells for $199 and the wireless option sells for $299.

Intelliscanner Wine Collecter [Product site]


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