Presidential Wine Club

Our friends over at Luxist had an item today about a Presidential Wine Club. Well, they're not really our friends. We're their friend but they got that restraining order against us, it makes the holidays difficult.

ANYWAY, the wine club is the first of it's kind and is sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines. So, you get on their big boat (sorry, "ship"), and taste wines throughout the trip. It also includes seminars from experts so you can learn more about viticulture. You can take a look at the schedule from last year's trip here.

Carnival plans to do more of these but, even if you don't take the cruise, we highly recommend joining one or two wine clubs. They are a great way to explore new wines without having to know a lot. We've found quite a few wines that we now drink regularly thanks to wine clubs.

Presidential Wine Club [Site]
Post at Luxist []


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