Pushing Young People to Drink

One of the more annoying things about most wine bloggers is that a lot of the writers think they "get it" and they're "down to earth" yet rant on with articles that show just how little they understand of the market they're trying to reach. Fermentation is an excellent example of this whereas Uncorked is not. (Note: Fermentation, however, IS a good source of information. Just important to take it with a grain of salt.)

Mark Fisher writes well, keeps it interesting, and doesn't rant over and over again on certain subjects that most of us don't really care about. Maybe it's because he's not based in Northern California and has to write for an audience that is still warming up to the wine idea. (Full disclosure: Martini Lounge is based in NoCal).

One of his latest articles goes in to how companies view the young market and exactly how they like to push their products. He talks about his experience with a company named ShotLuge (Pictured) and how they talk about using a "hot, dynamic female" to sell the product at the bar. As always, a good read.

Uncorked [Blog]
Fermentation [Blog]
Shotluge [Terrible company site]


Tom said…

Thanks for the link.

However, I should correct you. I don't think I've ever claimed to be "Down to earth". Yet, I do claim to "get it". So we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. As for rants...yea...you nailed it. I do rant on occassion, particularly on the issue of direct shipping, and sometimes terroir. I think however you might have a mistaken idea as to the market I'm trying to reach.

And as for Mark Fisher...yep..you nailed it again. He's doing great stuff at his blog.

Anonymous said…
Good Lord. I think Tom Wark is one of the few people who blog about wine that actually "get it". He certainly has his opinions, but looks at both sides and comes to fair conclusions based on facts, not emotions. You must not have read many of his posts or you wouldn't have said something so silly like this. It just makes you look uninformed. Sad.

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