42 Below is at it again

These guys are quickly becoming my favorite new brand.

As it turns out, the outspoken and quickly-becoming-infamous vodka brand from New Zealand, 42 Below, is now in hot water in New Zealand for their latest promotion.

The promotion is a giveaway to take a trip to Russia to find a bride with a popular site that specializes in such tours.

So, women in Russia are pissed because it makes them look like a bunch of cheap whores. Women in New Zealand are pissed because they think it's degrading. Russian women in New Zealand are pissed because only 17 Russian women were granted partner visa's in to New Zealand last year. Yes, I know that in .nz "Pissed" means "drunk." I'm using it to mean the other thing.

Folks, you can't *buy* this kind of press.

Vodka ad goes down badly with Russian women
Find a Russian bride [Loveme.com]


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