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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Aging Wine in Seconds (At Home)

Clef du Vin is an amazing tool that actually works. Dip this baby in a glass of wine for 1 second and the wine ages the equivelent of one year. How cool is that?

You can take this to some of your higher end tastings to see how well a wine will age. I've done this on a few wines that were purported to age well and found that they didn't. I then went online only to have my suspicions confirmed by others. Not a bad deal at all.

Got a wine that's not up to snuff? Try again it a few years with this little tool and you'll find yourself enjoying a nicely mellowed wine.

Now the Clef du Vin may look diminutive, but the convienence of quick aging will cost you. To the tune of about US$190. Maybe I'll buy mine on the revenue from Google AdSense [sic].

Clef du Vin - $190 []