Blogging To Kill Ya

The house of Casa Noble (wait, that's redundant) has started a blog to keep you up to date on the latest news in their tequila world.

Tequila has really turned in to quite a drink for the sophisticate. Several hundred brands have been working to overcome the stigma that tequila is only for people who need an excuse to jump off buildings in to kiddie pools or as a pick-me up for those unwanted sexual advances you make at the local college bar.

Casa Noble's is damned good to boot. Remember kids, we're to SIP the tequila and no, Cuervo Gold is not "premium." Feel free to just shoot that stuff or have some guy shake it in your head whilst blowing a whistle.

Casa Noble Tequila Blog
Casa Noble Tequila [Product Site]
Learn how to drink tequila properly, dammit []


Anonymous said…
I love Casa Noble!!!
Anonymous said…
Casa Noble is OUTSTANDING, I first was introduced to Casa Noble in Guadalajara by a friend and now it is my favorite tequila!

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