Bordeaux through the roof!

I didn't think it could happen. The wine world was completely spazzing out in fits of Pentecostal proportion about the 2000 vintage year of the wines of Bordeaux. They've now one upped themselves and have already proclaimed the 2005's to be the most amazing year ever.

Maybe this will be the vintage that will pull French wines back on track for a bit. After moronic business practices, worldwide competition, and an idiotic American boycott on all things French, it'd be nice to see the wines regain some of their marketing stature.

Some wine analysts have even come out early to let everyone know how great they are. So, if you order early or see the bottles on the shelves, grab 'em!

Bordeaux 2005 likely to 'zoom up.' [Decanter]
Why the French Boycott was stupid [Uncorked]


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