Get Paid to Drink

Job got you down? Ready to quit and go to the bar? How about quitting then getting paid to go to the bar?

Smirnoff is offering a chance for the drinker's dream job. They are offering one person the chance to earn $100,000 (via salary AND expense account) to go around to major cities and be their "Cocktail Consultant," finding new drinks and mixes in the name of all things Smirnoff.

The job only lasts for one year, so you'll be hosed if you want a long-term gig, but really, what were you going to be doing in the next year anyway? Filing TPS reports?

You can call 888-217-4454 to obtain an application and get more information if you're interested. Lucky for you, I won't be applying thanks to this sweet blogging gig I got, so you might have a chance. [Smirnoff Parent Company]


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