The Impulsive Buy reviews Grey Goose Vanilla (Sort of)

Over at The Impulsive Buy blog, Marvo decides to do two of my favorite things. Drink vodka and watch Knight Rider. In case you don't know Knight Rider is a show about a supercar and instead of David Hasslehoff guarding a specific piece of the coast, he guards all of humanity from injustices thanks to major financial backing from The Foundation (Formed by dying billionaire, Wilton Knight). Sort of like the A-Team. Though I never got why a major financial backer would give a fuck about a motorcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club.

Okay, back to the topic. Marvo mixes Vanilla vodka with multiple different drinks and plays a game with himself that doesn't last very long thanks to the gratuitous shots of Hasslehoff's chest. Well, you just have to read it.

Grey Goose La Vanille Vodka [The Impulsive Buy]


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