Is it too late for us to save the world?

This blog was started for the sole purpose of Saving the World: One Drink At A Time. But is it too late? Is the martini already long and forgotten and on it's way in social decline?

The telltale signs are all there. Every major resort or upscale restaurant seems to have a $3,000 martini. Clubs like 28 Degrees in Boston report themselves to be perfect club serving our favorite libation at the optimum temperature, yet fall discouragingly short. There are so many flavored vodkas that few even know how to drink a real vodka anymore and every other new drink announced is vodka-based. The writing may be on the wall. The vodkapocolypse is nigh. It came not like a thief in the night, but with the wailing and gnashing of teeth of a million girls at Spring Break trying to push their own brand of vodka down our throats via bad gameshows and wet t-shirt contests. Every blogger that writes about spirits is telling us that vodka is a scientific eunich with no character or discernible differences.

But hold up. There are bright shining moments of vodka love in the vast scene of alcohol dating. Red Square in Vegas reminds us what it's like to appreciate the finest of its flavors. Stir on the Upper East Side of Manhattan tells us that there is a place that we can sit with friends and renew bonds over a twist or an olive. Martuni's in San Francisco reminds us that we don't have to take our drink too seriously but we don't have to make a fool of ourselves either, becoming the cliche that we so nobly aspire to resist, even when others foolishly think that we have given in to the very cliche they so abhor.

Yes, there is hope. There is a light. There is truth and that truth will set us free. We just have to watch ourselves. Make sure we're true to form, pure of heart, strong in the image that our chosen drink conveys to those around us.

Some day, there will be a time to move on. Maybe to tequila, or maybe it will be a fine Cognac. Maybe it will be Gin. Oh, sweet and perfect Gin. But that day is not here and it is not near. It is not "bottom's up" or "here's mud in yer eye." It's a toast...and a wink.

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