Make my martini dirty

So many people order dirty martini's now that I often wonder how a busy bar can keep the juice in their little bowl of olives. Granted, I've seen some girls practically ask for a martini/all-you-can-eat olive bar in their glass, but even they can't seem to compensate for the amount of olive juice required to run a bar.

You run in to an even bigger problem with this at the home bar. All these people wanting dirty martini's leaves you with a lot of very dry olives that you just end up throwing out.

No longer I say! Olive's juice solves that problem and gives you enough that you should be able to keep them dirty for quite a while. It's every bit as good as the olive juice from the cup except without the elegant taste of a bartender's fingers having been dipped in it a hundred times.

Olive's Juice - $15 [Product site]


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