The next cocktail capital: Portland

The nightlife in Portland is really like no other. It doesn't have the energy of New York, nor does it have the Holier Than Thou attitude of Los Angeles. It's found quite a niche in the making of great drinks but more importantly, it knows how to enjoy them.

Thanks to a recent upswing in cocktail interest in Portland, you can also find some of the most knowledgeable bartenders anywhere around. These guys and girls aren't just bartending as an in-between job, trying to earn money for school or something, these are people who devote their days and nights to the art of the cocktail and the beauty within. Any bartender can tell you that Gin comes from the Juniper tree, but which gins come from different types of Juniper trees? How are they made? What's the process? These folks will know because they live and breathe it.

Though it's not quite the cocktail Mecca that it wants to be...yet, it's the up and comer and is more than worth every second of your night out, you won't be disappointed with Portland's classy joints, friendly crowds, and perfect drinking weather (especially in the summer).

The Liquid Revolution
[Willamette Week Online]
(Picture from one of my favorite bars in Portland, Shanghai Tunnel)


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