The Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a varied beast. You can't often tell from the beginning of one if it will be the event of the year or just another night of standing for far too long. There are ways you can limit the margin for suckiness though, the main one is "be prepared." I've gone to way too many cocktail parties where they just had "a bunch of booze" and "some music."

Do not take those two items lightly. They will make or break your party and it's entire environment.

Over at Liquor Snob they posted a pretty good starter for how to run the perfect cocktail party, all of the points valid. If I was to add anything to it it would be to say that using for the invitiations is perfectly acceptable for a casual cocktail party. It let's people know who else might be there, let's you get a head count, and is much better than trying to coordinate via an e-mail blast.

Let me know you're having a good one. I'll crash it. Don't worry, I always bring excellent booze.

Cocktail Parties 101 [Liquor Snob]
Invite everyone! []


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