The Secret Wine List is not for you.

Most people in general go to a restaurant with a significant wine list and find themselves a wine that they're happy with. They then leave and talk about how good the food was and that they had a nice bottle of Cab with it.

True wine lovers are forever and always trying to get something that's not on the list. They'll look through the list offered to them just to show that they have interest, all the while knowing they'll order nothing off of it. They're just trying to figure out the best way to get the sommelier to give them something that's not on the list.

The LATimes has an article that discusses these secret lists and how to get something off of them. Sometimes you get lucky and get something you'll talk about for a long time. Other times, they'll tell you there's nothing special on the secret list. Most of the time, you'll get a bad excuse which accounts for a "Hell no. Not for you."

Just as you suspected: Sommeliers have a stash [LA Times]
via Vinography


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