Shochu for you

Last weekend brought a night on the town and the first sample of Shochu.

Shochu is a distinctively Japanese concoction that is distilled rather than brewed like Sake. It has been around since the 1500's in Japan but has just started taking off here in the U.S.

You can drink Shochu by itself, usually accompanied with hot or cold water, or you can drink a Chu-hai, or mixed Shochu drink. My favorite being Blowfish Sushi's X-Rated which brings together X-Rated Liquor and Shochu.

The stuff mixes as easily as vodka so there are literally thousands of combinations for Chu-hai, grab a bottle and make one up.

Funny enough Spirit World did an article on the stuff today, which reminded me to post.

Shochu - The revival of an old favorite [The Spirit World]


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