Smoking ban in English pubs

Trust me people, it's not the end of the world.

England has voted to ban smoking in all pubs, restaurants, and clubs. With the ban, the required pissing and moaning about how many jobs will be lost and how many pubs will close down because you can't smoke in them is reaching an all-time high.

I know baby, it's hard at first. You don't want to do this and you'll fight kicking and screaming in to the new generation of pubs and clubs. Rick understands. Rick will hold you.

Let me tell you this. Nothing stops smokers. Nothing. I'm sure during Hurricane Katrina or Rita in the U.S. people were still going outside for a smoke. It's just that important to them. The people in your pub will step outside for a smoke and some more bonding with other smokers, then come back in to a pleasant, smoke free environment and return to the fun.

5 years from now you'll walk in to a pub in England and appreciate this moment. You'll be able to go home from a night out without reaking of the smoke of others. Trust Rick. Rick knows.


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