Tao in Las Vegas

I don't always get it. I love Vegas. I used to live there and I did well and had the time of my life. When it comes to the club scene though, Vegas runs at the bottom of the top 10 to places like South Beach, Ibiza, Madrid, Berlin, Dublin, Manhattan and many more. Most South Beach clubs are what Vegas really wants to be. Vegas is tame compared to most of these places.

The two that come close are Pure and Tao. Well, Pure used to until they installed the Worst DJ in America, DJ AM. Now Tao stands alone at the top of the Vegas heap.

Their Wednesday nights are easily one of the best nights of the week with Robert Oleysyck spinning throughout the night. This guy started the Vegas ultra-club scene by taking over Utopia on Saturday nights and making it go completely insane. Now at the weekly, "Sutra" you can hear him whip the crowd in to an absolute frenzy. He's probably one of the most under-rated DJ's on the West Coast and is worth the trip to Vegas just to hear him. Free sushi with bottle service is a nice touch too.

Food at Tao is excellent and worth exploring. I've never been a fan of eating and partying at the same place, but Tao makes a decent argument for it. Plus, eating there makes it a lot easier to get in on a packed night.

Robin Leach is a whore for Tao in his blog. I have a feeling he's writing about it all the time because this is the new hot place for celebs and they won't let him in unless he's pimping them. The guy can't seem to write about anything else, to the point that his blog is starting to just look like a big commercial for them.

If you're clubbing in Vegas, it's a good location, a fun place, and a perfect club to hit up with your group of friends. If this club wasn't in Vegas and was in one of the aforementioned cities, it would never work just because Vegas brings the type of vibe needed to make it work. (Yes, I know about Tao in New York and it is *much* better).

If you're there on a weekend, you *will* see a celebrity there, which is always fun. Check Tao out and let me know what you think.

Tao Nightclub [Club page at Venetian.com]
Luxe Life: Vegas [Robin Leach's Blog]
Pure Nightclub [Club site]


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