Two Good References

Considering that pretty much all Vodka corporate sites are made from Macromedia's Flash, they tend to blur together in to one continously streaming site playing downtempo music. iVodka has a fairly comprehensive list of sites and descriptions of all the vodkas. Well, maybe not ALL, but they have a lot.

You know those large format wine bottles that you see in restaurants or at wineries? Well, depending on what size they are, they have different names. Whether it's the two bottle equivelent "Magnum" (Like Zoolander!) or the 20 bottle "Nebuchadnezzar" or anything in between, you'll need to know your sizes to complete the sophistacant look that you're going for (and you'll have to lose the tie and short-sleeved shirt too).

Vodka Site Portal [iVodka]
Large Format Wine Descriptions []


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