Aperol - The social drink of Italy

I've gotten to enjoy Aperol while in Europe but have very rarely seen it in America. The sweet drink that has over 30 herbs and spices including sweet and bitter orange really goes down smoothly and it's low alcohol content (11%) makes for a lighter concoction and more of a social party drink than a lot of the heaver stuff. Its taste of orange and rhubarb without feeling syrupy is probably it's biggest achievement, plus people will keep asking you what it is that you're drinking. That's always fun.

The Aperol Martini (pictured) has a little bit of dry vermouth in it, more than you would normally put in for a dry martini, and can have a twist or an olive. I like using an olive as it really is a nice contrast in color.

It's now becoming available in the U.S. thanks to Skyy so you should be able to start picking up at your local drinking shops and should cost around $17 for a 750ml bottle.

I'm not finding info on Skyy's website yet as they just launched it, I'll update when I get it.


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