Creating a good lychee martini

It seems the Lychee Martini is taking off in every place that new drinks like to take off in. It's hard to hit a hip joint (as you kids call it) in any city in America and not see someone chugging away on the light yellow drink. Yes, I know the fruit in the picture is red, but the juice comes from the pulp in the center. You're very smart, now shutup and let me continue.

Lychee martini's can easily go awry and that is one of the reasons that I think they might not be taking off more. Some bartender here's how to do it, then mixes one poorly.

I'm here to rectify and testify.

These are great drinks and a fantastic way to get your friends who don't know how to drink (ie ordering Mai-Tai's but not sitting on the beach) in to a more refined type of alcohol. So, here's a few quick tips to make sure they're getting the goods.
  1. Lychee Flavor: The really good Lychee martini's have lychee liqueur. None of which are available in the U.S., but some places will import it. Others just use the syrup. Barring the availability of syrup, you can use the juice.
  2. The Garnish: Your lychee should be peeled and seeded. If it is anything less, tell them to put it in someone else's drink. A mint leaf is a nice touch.
  3. The Vodka: A lot of mixed drinks don't require a lot of top-shelf vodkas. ie if you order a vodka/red bull and tell them to put Grey Goose in it, don't. Next time just send me the money and I'll kick you in the nuts for being an idiot and we'll call it even. However, the lychee is a subtle flavor and requires a top shelf vodka. Whatever your preference will work, just don't let them give you well.
  4. Color: The yellow flavor can be a little blah. Try a drop of grenadine (and I mean a drop) or even some Midori.
  5. Experiment: I like mine with a little Vermouth. In Spain I saw a lot of people use Triple Sec and Midori. You decide.
That's your primer. Check it out if you get a chance.


Anonymous said…
As far as lychees go, I've been meaning to try creating a lychee beer. I think it might work with hefeweizen.

As for lychee liqueur, BevMo appears to have it. Unfortunately, you have to be in California. I have no idea where I'd find it locally.
lycheelover said…
I just found out there's a new lychee liqueur coming to the US...I think it's spelled Lichido or Lycheedo. They say it's absolutely delicious and even better then Soho or Kwai Feh!!!! If anyone knows any information about where and when it will be available, please respond. Thanks.

4:21 PM
Anonymous said…
I actually tried Lichido at a party in Manhattan last week and it really was very good. The marketing/promo woman who was there told me the stuff should be available in May. I will definately look for it. Lychee Martinis, baby!!!!!!

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