Heeeeeeere's Ed!

Though this weeks Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas has brought plenty of good news (ie Amande Demme's foray in to the Las Vegas scene in conjuction with W Hotels), there has been pain too. Oh the pain.

I name this pain, McMahon.

That's right. Ed McMahon's vodka.

Once we see McDonald's Vodka, it will be the last nail in the coffin.

Filtered four times with a Russian recipe, his vodka is only available at Southern Wine & Spirits' 3 locations, but is looking to expand soon. I don't see how I could order it though.

"Yes, I see you have Vox, and oh! Precis! You know what? Forget that, I WANT A MCMAHON MARTINI! Up. With a twist please."

Hey, I'm all for celebrity endorsements of spirits, God knows that the Celebrity Cellars wines do well. But we have to draw a line people. On the bright side, at least their website isn't a big conflaguration of flash with Elevator Downtempo music playing.

I'm going to hate myself if this becomes popular.

McMahon Vodka [2 Page Product Site]


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