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Monday, March 06, 2006

Heeeeeeere's Ed!

Though this weeks Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas has brought plenty of good news (ie Amande Demme's foray in to the Las Vegas scene in conjuction with W Hotels), there has been pain too. Oh the pain.

I name this pain, McMahon.

That's right. Ed McMahon's vodka.

Once we see McDonald's Vodka, it will be the last nail in the coffin.

Filtered four times with a Russian recipe, his vodka is only available at Southern Wine & Spirits' 3 locations, but is looking to expand soon. I don't see how I could order it though.

"Yes, I see you have Vox, and oh! Precis! You know what? Forget that, I WANT A MCMAHON MARTINI! Up. With a twist please."

Hey, I'm all for celebrity endorsements of spirits, God knows that the Celebrity Cellars wines do well. But we have to draw a line people. On the bright side, at least their website isn't a big conflaguration of flash with Elevator Downtempo music playing.

I'm going to hate myself if this becomes popular.

McMahon Vodka [2 Page Product Site]