Hello, My Name Is: Glasses

It seems that there are so many glasses out there for parties that there's an entire industry sprouting up around trying to remember who's glass is who's. I think the little charms for wine glasses are cute, but after 4 glasses I can't remember for the life of me if I was the shoe or the wheelbarrow. Wait, that's Monopoly.

These handy glasses have the ubiquitous "Hello, My Name Is" on it and a space for you to write your name, just like the stickers you always get at the A.A. meetings. It also comes with a grease pencil that allows you to a) actually write your name on your glass so everyone will know it's yours and b) get grease all over your face when your palms sweat from holding the glass because you're talking to the hot brunette, then go to wipe your stress-induced bloody nose. No, I'm not bitter.

Hello My Name Is… Pint Glass Set - $34.95 [Pixel Planet]
Alcoholics Anonymous - [Get Help]


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