How much gold is in Goldschlager?

Everytime I drink a shot of Goldschlager, or even better an Oatmeal Cookie, I think about the little flakes of gold and what it might be doing to my digestive system and how come I never seem to see them when I later use the toilet. Though I have seen them when I've had too much Goldschlager and had to boot and rally. (eeewwww, you didn't want to know that)

I've found a deep, college level experiment that tries to find just how much of the stuff is in a bottle and what the street value is.

Bottom line: About $1.38

How much gold is inside Goldschlager? - []
Oatmeal cookie recipe - [Webtender]


Matt Armendariz said…
holy crap I'm so glad I found your blog. I love love love it.

Unknown said…
Glad to you have you Matt and thanks for the props.
Anonymous said…
I was flipping through a magazine today when I found another drink with gold flakes. They imaginatively called it "GOLD" wine. Their website is unfortunately not up yet.

I love Goldschlager. I've found that the perfect way for me to enjoy it is completely chilled in a flask on a ski lift.

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