Idol Vodka

Most of the grape vodka's out there are actually pretty good, though they definitely stray very far from the idea of a traditional vodka that is supposed to be fairly tasteless. They tend to be very grape tasting but with a nice crispness that you don't always get from a wine.

Luxist recently did a review of one of the better ones that is much more consistent with the vodka motif, Idol vodka. They got to taste it at an "event" they attended. Since I'm not invited to such "events," I have to go out and actually find it to try it.

Though not something I'd want to mix, it's a great vodka for sipping or for a martini (with just a drop of vanilla vermouth, which I guess would be mixing). Worth a try.

Idol Vodka - $35 [Product Site]
via Luxist

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