Merlot fights back

Merlot's have been my guilty pleasure for some time. I don't travel in the heavy wine circles so when I started reading about how it was the bastard step-child of the red varietals, my regular question was "What's so wrong with Merlot?" It's well priced and there are lot of CA vineyards that make some pretty good stuff. Not *every* wine you drink has to jump up and bite you, a little mellow can be a good thing.

Swanson Vineyards, the largest producer of estate-grown Merlot in Napa Valley, is doing a seminar about all the things that are right about Merlot and why not every word out of the casual wine buyers mouth has to be "Pinot." A little self-serving for sure, but that's the way the market works. If not Swanson, then who?

C'mon guys, give Merlot a break. It's the mongrel puppy that can love you even more than the pure-bred can.

Swanson Vineyards Merlot Seminars - []
via Hip Tastes


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