Michael Collins whiskey comes to the U.S.

So, in 1921 this guy from the Irish Republican Army signs a treaty with the British. He is subsequently blown sky high for making peace with the enemy. His name is Michael Collins.

Fast forward to when they decide to name an Irish Whiskey after him and put his signature on the neck of the bottle then sell it in a country where not a single person will have one effing clue as to its significance.

It's being launched by Sidney Frank, who I can't really question as he's the guy who gave us the ugly girls with hot bodies roaming from town to town on a bus and shoving Jagermeister down our throats, and the Last-Resort-For-A-Good-Martini-Staple that is Grey Goose vodka. He clearly knows how to bring in the bucks.

Michael Collins Whiskey For US - [London Times]
Buy it at BevMo for $27.99 - [BevMo.com]


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