Cocktail's at home can definitely have it's challenges. Though things like martini's and simple mixes like a vodka-tonic come out pretty easy, things like margarita's or pina colada's take a bit more of a committment as well as a larger drinking audience. Unless you got an axe to grind, you really don't need a blender full of margarita.

One of the vendors of mixers for things like margarita's and such has launched little ready-to-drink packages of drinks like Frozen Margarita and Frozen Strawberry, so just add your bit of tequila to the 10oz pouch and you have yourself a little Happy Hour at home.

They're also launching a larger drink-in-a-box that gives you 1.75 liters of mix, for those gatherings where you don't want to spend your life shoving things in to a blender. The box comes in either margarita or cosmopolitan flavors. I'm more skeptical on this one as no one that makes cosmopolitan flavoring has done a very good job of replicating the flavors of the original drink.

The single serve packets sell in groups of 4 for US$6.99 and the box sells for US$13.99.

Daily's Cocktail Mixers Debuts New Ready-To-Drink Cocktails - [Press Release]
Daily's Fruit Mixers - [Company Site]


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