Setting up the bar: Martini Glasses

I'm not going to lie to you: Setting up your bar is a pain in the ass. Even for a small one in the corner of your apartment, it can cost you a fortune and that's before you even buy the booze.

Your martini glasses can mean everything. You'll want a set of glasses for when you're having parties and they will get invariably broken, as well as a smaller set for the intimate dinner with friends when everyone will compliment you on how cool your glasses are.

The Spirit World has done a short tutorial on Martini glasses and a few manufacturers that give consistently reliable glasses without paying out a ton of dough (think: Costco). If you're looking for that upscale set, I recommend The Scandalous Cup, a great site for uniquely designed glasses.

Good luck with that bar!

Setting Up Your Bar: Martini Glasses [The Spirit World]
Martini Glasses [The Scandalous Cup]


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