Skorppio Vodka

After a night of drunken debauchery some often resort to their local greasy spoon for a regiment of gravy and french fries or some other artery-destroying concoction.

Here's an idea: Make a vodka that will get you drunk AND finish you off with a light snack at the end. Skorppio Vodka has a safe-to-eat scorpion built right in to the bottle, ready for you to consume at the end of your martini.

"Rick, how do I know it's safe to eat?" you say. Well, the internationally acclaimed food tasting and safety organization Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce has deemed it so! Duh.

The only thing worse than this concept is the brown-bag-over-the-head inspiring girls they have as models on their website. The stuff is distrubuted from Las Vegas for crying-out-loud. I know there are hot girls there, I've SEEN them. You can't even throw your Margarita Yard across The Strip without hitting one, don't you think you could get a few to pimp your product?

It says that the vodka is "5 times distilled." Though I'm not sure what benefit there is there. Maybe they meant 5 times filtered. Hard to say.

Everything about this product is wrong and, yes, I'm going to buy a bottle.

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Anonymous said…
I totally want to try this. This beats the worm in a tequila hands (claws?) down.

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