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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Talking Beer Mug

There's nothing worse than getting lost in the throes of conversation while drinking only to look down and find that you no longer have a drink. You are then left with an embarrassingly empty mug or, if the bartender is one of those retentive types, no mug at all because she took your empty!

Finally, someone has done away with this problem. The beer talks to you and lets you know when it's getting low and even has a warning siren when it's VERY low. Can you ask anything more of your beer glass? No, you can't. Well, you can, but I think it would make the people sitting around you at the bar feel very uncomfortable.

Bar owners! Take note! Increase revenues by having a constant reminder for your patrons that they need to refill.

Never Empty Beer Mug - $21.00 []
via Coolbuzz