Wine Hikes

California Wine Hikes combines two of the great Northern California resources in to one spectacular day: Hiking trails and wineries. For a (fairly) reasonable fee, you can have a guide take you on some of the best trails of California as well as to some of the great wineries that define the regions that the trails are in.

Most trips include snacks, bottled water, tasting fees, transportation where needed, and a naturalist who can point out the difference between a tree or a plant. A good thing to know should you be washed ashore after a shipwreck off the Northern California coast.

Hikes are graded from "Easy" to "Strenuous" to "Oh my God, please help me to just not die before the end of the hike." Also, you might see squirrels!

California Wine Hikes [Company Site]


Anonymous said…
That's a pretty fun write-up, Rick, and much appreciated. Let's wash down some trail dust sometime.

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